Aristaeus leather creme

Aristaeus leather creme
Available in 70g or 140g tins, our leather creme is great for restoring and protecting leather.
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Our leather crème is great for restoring and protecting leather and is made with:

  • tanner’s oil
  • shea butter* - to condition the leather
  • almond oil - to soften and moisturise the leather
  • castor oil* - to shine the leather
  • beeswax from our hives - to protect the leather 

(* indicates organic)

Directions for use

  • if you’re wanting to apply our leather crème to a saddle or something similar, clean the saddle using saddle soap, water and a nylon brush.  For other leather products (belts, boots etc), skip this step and proceed to step 2
  • flush clean the areas you’ve cleaned with a sponge and warm water. This process removes surface dirt and opens the leather’s pores, which releases any dirt that’s penetrated the leather
  • apply our leather crème with a soft clothbuff with a clean, dry cloth or sheepskin

We suggest that you clean your leather products and apply our leather crème once a year


  • do not use household cleaners on your leather products
  • test a small, non-conspicuous area of the leather prior to application.
  • we advise against the use of our leather crème on fine leathers such as jackets, furniture and car seats.

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