Refillable dental floss - 2 pack

Refillable dental floss - 2 pack
✓ Switch to refillable dental floss and reduce your plastic waste
✓ Fits perfectly in Solid's stainless steel floss dispenser
✓ Made of PLA: a bioplastic derived from corn
✓ Mint flavoured and lightly coated in candelilla wax
✓ Packed in a recyclable and compostable brown cardboard box
✓ Vegan, cruelty free and palm oil free

Tip: to keep your floss strong and minty fresh, we recommend transferring unused rolls into an airtight container.

Note: PLA floss works for most people's teeth, but it's not as strong as plastic floss. If you find regular floss tends to shred or break on you, PLA floss may not suit. You could look at using an interdental brush for the tricky spaces.
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2 pack refill
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